Action Plan

a) To build a bridge across the gap that exists between the humanitarian Government policies and executions-the gap which is mainly responsible for the sufferings and disasters that have beset the lives of the erosion victims of this area.

b) To discover and disseminate the causes of not-reaching of the benefits of the policies and the steps that the Government undertake to help the helpless and the erosion destitute in order to influence and help the Government to adopt new policies in this regard. So that the benefits plans and programmes undertaken by the Government reach the target groups they originally meant for in search of their minimum livelihood and in money cases they get infected with money malignant viruses like HIV resulting in that the women and even their children besides their bread earning male partners are found to be HIV positive in our area. So we every year arranged a camp that continuous for a week to get across the information that is needed to ward of these virus infections and how to live with them. We also organize path meetings to get their effects on the common people of our area.

c) Conference and meetings discussion and debates mass deputation and mass demonstrations are organized to project and promote mass awareness as to the course change and devastative paraphernalia of the river Ganga that has caused the people of those area horrible disaster and sub human destitution.

d) Path dramas in the form of Gombhira and Alkap are held to disseminate the essential message related to the benefits of family planning, child marriage preventing the health consciousness, superstitions dispelling, Arsenic free water drinking.

e) Deferent dignitaries and distinguished persons like – Abhijeet Chakraborty, Biswajeet Karmakar, Sourav Sarangi, Rishi Kumar, who were pleased to come here and to work on the Gangitic erosion are cordially helped and taken where ever and when ever necessary.

f) Child sports are held every year.

g) People belonging to economically helpless classes are given financial assistance so are to avail themselves of health service. Old clothes collected from different places are distributed every year among the cloth less destitute the poor students. Pitted with the threat of terminating their student carrier for want of many are regularly helped, by supplying them with books and other bearing materials that are needed for them.

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