The Current Scenario

What We Could Achieve

True there are lots of thinks yet to be achieved only so far we have been able to make theatricality feel that gangetic Erossion needs to be treated as a disaster and its Victims should be cared for, consequent upon which the following measures have begun, for the first time, to be taken.

1) Relief materials are now distributed to the erosion victims when there houses and dwelling places are eroded away.
2) In 2003 for the first time the government was pleased distribute15000 square of land of the 2000 erosion victims families to have there residences on.
3) The Central Govt was made take over the responsibilities of the aunt erosion scheme for protection of the Blocks of Manikchak, Kaliachak-II and Kaliachak-III(Malda, West Bengal) from gangatic erosion.
4) Calcutta High Court was pleased in 2008 to hear the Cases of extreme sufferings of 1500 families and 4500 more families are yet to be hard by the Honorable High Court. The high court was also pleased to direct the govt. to consider Compensation for these erosion victims.
5) Govt officials were made to review the lists of the people bellow the poverty Line and as a result many power families were recognized as and allotted the benefits of B.P.L.
6) The organization launched National Rural Employment guarantee scheme, awareness campaign and it assumed, in this area, a movement Dimension in this area which continue to be alive here. and almost all the poor people of this area now enjoy the benefits of this scheme .
7) The Char Land of Hamidpur, (which is on of the most important 10 char lands that has emerged from the bed of the river ganga at malda west Bengal ) is now officially recognized and its dwellers are provided with govt. facilities by the govt. of West Bengal, ( and one pry school and one upper primary school are established there (which are obviously results of the persistent movements by this Organization ) We also been able to gate three schools established by the govt of west Bengal of three others char lands ,namely ,K.B.J.B(Goldhab char) , Narayanpur char and duanni Char.
8) The govt of west Bengal Passed in 2000 and act named WBLR Act where by the govt has deprived erosion victims of their right to the land property eroded by the river Ganga and the organization so far has been able to prevent the govt. from implementing this law and depriving the people of the Lands that has emerged as char lands.

What We Could Not Achieve

1) About 200 thousand char dualers are forced to Lead subhuman life because the west Bengal govt have continued of west Bengal through official records so that the land belongs to west Bengal. On these char areas Education & health facilities are almost nil the children of these areas are left uneducated and nonimmunized; The mothers receive now pre-delivery care or safe delivery facilities. Naturally the children there are left without any birth Certificates.
2) The western border of the district of malda, west Bengal is yet to be marked.
3) 63 mouja of the blocks of manichak and Kaliachak in the district of malda are even now officially regarded as abolished / inundated under the gangatic water, though the reality is they have emerged mostly as char lands.
5) Adequate provision for the rehabilitation of the erosion victims have not been made yet.
6) No step has been taken to evaluate or asses the losses of the erosion victims.
7) The ferry services across the ganga at Panchanandapur at Hamidpur and Rajnagar, all in the District of Malda are totally control by the govt of Jharkhand-The Lands belong to West Bengal but the revenues go to govt of Jharkhand.
8) Shelterlessness and homelessness.
9) Communication gap between the victims and the authorities concerned.
10) Lac of awareness among the people as to the difference between hill side soil erosion,The Gangatic erosion and flood.
11) Lac of awareness as the people as to the devastation by the Gangetic erosion
12) Out break of epidemic during erosion and flood.
13) Malnutritioned mother and children.
14) Women trafficking and their social stigmatization.
15) Deplorable condition of the divorced women.
16) Child Labour.
17) Deplorable condition of the AID’s patients.
18) Deplorable condition of the physically handicap person.
19) Problem of anti–social element.
20) Poor patients enable to effort the studies of their children.
21) Massive corruption in the mater of ration system.
22) Many people die with out proper treatment.
23) Hesitation to get patients admitted to hospital.
24) Poverty creates school dropouts.
25) Child marriage.
26) Folk culture like Alkap on the point being extinct.
27) Lac of information as to the act.Right to information.
28) About(60%) sixty person people illiterate.
29) Thousands of liters of arsenic-free water wastage daily.
30) Deplorable condition of the flood victim.
31) Thousands of people effected of the building of dams.
32) Many women victimized by domestic violence.
33) Many divorced women suffering pitifully.
34) Helpless condition of many women displaced by the Gangetic erosion.
35) Unhealthy sanitary condition.
36) Lac of awareness as to the consumers protection act.
37) Many people with sexually transmitted diseases.
38) Migration.

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