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Kaliachak II with the area of 15000 square K.M- is a Block that lies in the west of the District of Malda, W.B- in India (MAP)

This area is highly fertile being naturally irrigated by the river Ganga and most people of this area are farmers and its people where are exemplarity peace–loving and hard working. Both Hindus & Muslim here live Brother and sisters. Thousands of example are easily found to show how diversionless and casteless Co-existence can be achieve between to this Community. But Disaster and distress began to loom Large upon. These Humble people when the Indian govt started in to 1962 Contracted The Farakka Barage across the river at Farakka, the connecting point between the District of Malda & Mushidabad in West Bengal, India. It was the Connection that mad the river wild and almost uncontrollable eroding and Collapsing millions of houses, Thousands of Mango gardens and 450 square K.M of Land into the river making 2.5 millions people all most homeless and Landless.

Another absolutely upsetting aspect, perhaps second to non in the human history of the world, is that this gangitic Erosion cause many pieces of land to ceremony from its bed these emerged pieces of land are popularity known as char lands and 200 thousand erosion victims live on these char Lands, home the W.B.GOVT REFUSED TO RECOGNIZE AS Residents of West Bengal though they live on the Lands belonging to West Bengal. All are most homeless and Landless.

Pitted against this back drop, the people of Panchanandapur, a place under the Block of Kaliachak-ii held the urgency to organize and organization in 1998 to uphold there cause and get there suffering Register with the government both provincial and Central and thus G.B.P.A.N.C was founded at Panchanandapur under the police station of Kaliachak in the District of malda of west Bengal, India.

Thus the committee was of the erosion victims and for the erosion victims (and even new it continues to be so), the chief architects being Khidir Box, Tarikul Islam, Kedar Nath Mandal, Monotosh Ch .Saha, Late Chinmoy Ghosh and many others ours is and organization that has always been contributed to and actively guided by such talents and standards as Kalyan Rudra, river scientist and Grant Water Research, Miss Jaya Mitra, writer and social worker, Sourav Swarangi, Mr. Sakti Bhattacharya, Professor, Rini Bhattacharya, social worker, Tushar Bhattacharya, Sunil Bhattacharya (writer) and many others.

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